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Legal Status
  • Creative Services Limited was registered under Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms on 27/02/2022 and the number is C-179094 [View Certificate]
  • It updated Trade License from Dhaka North City Corporation on 17/10/2023 and the number is TRAD/DNCC/051968/2022 [View Certificate]
  • TIN Number is 625074720636 {Taxes Circle-079 (Company), Taxes Zone 04} [View Certificate]
  • VAT Registration Number is BIN: 004699868-0402 [View Certificate]

Knowledge based sustainable poverty free society


To offer and promote time oriented knowledge and skills, pave the right path at the right time towards sustainability

  • Client Centric: We are proud of always thinking in terms of what is best to our clients: offering solutions that are not only theoretical but workable.
  • Professional Excellence:  We offer services of superb quality based on our accumulated, extensive and profound knowledge and experience
  • Collaboration: We have brought together all in a team that includes our clients. We also share a common goal with our clients and take full advantage of each other’s wisdom and experience.
  • Fairness: We have impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination to any client. We are not biased to anyone.
  • Integrity:  We are honest, accountable and dependable to our client for their services. We are committed to provide right services in right time.
  • Innovation: We create space for learning by encouraging research and creativity
  • Quality: We always want to achieve excellence in every action
  • Accountability: We implement its activities in transparent way and accountable to its clients
  • Sustainability: We always target long term sustainable impact of our actions.
  • To carry on business in the form of delivering multidisciplinary consultancy, research, community & social development services to the national or international donor agencies, Non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, private business houses and interested individuals in home and abroad. Subject to approval from the competent authority to establish run and manage school, college, madrasa, university, technical college & institute, medical college & institute, coaching center and do business of any from for the conductive of the above objects.
  • Do business as agent, representative or nominee of the education &institutes either in the country or abroad for sending students, admission formation, examination formation, visa processing.